Infection-responsive, self-cleaning urinary catheters




A team of researchers from the Bioactive Biomaterials and Infection Control group at Queen's University Belfast has developed a novel infection-responsive, self-cleaning coating technology. It has potential applicability for a range of medical and nonmedical device surfaces, including indwelling urinary catheters and stents.


This project is developing an exciting new technology to demonstrate a self-sterilising coating prototype for indwelling urinary catheters which can self-sterilise the device, outperforming current products in terms of infection- and encrustation-resistance, and addressing issues of catheter-related trauma and pain. The technology importantly will not contribute to antimicrobial resistance. Building this technology upon our patented and highly lubricious Uroglide coating technology as a base, this technology will be well-placed to move to full production and rapidly establish a significant share of the lucrative urological device market.


These “smart” responsive coatings are sensitive to the presence of infecting bacteria by the release of active agents to prevent and treat infection. Anticipated benefits include:


  • Reduced rates of hospital-acquired infections and catheter encrustation
  • Massive healthcare savings from the lower infection rates
  • Reduced antimicrobial resistance problems
  • Enhanced patient wellbeing from a reduction in associated tissue damage


Our existing close relationships with clinical urologists gives us confidence that we are addressing a real problem and designing a technical solution which could be adopted by the clinic.


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